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Our new Mark Twain Principal has been selected!  Greg Kaatz, our current High School Vice-Principal in charge of Athletics and Special Ed. will be joining us!


I have worked with Greg for several years and know him to be very competent, organized, and efficient, but also very laid-back, creative, and funny.  He does not take himself too seriously, but takes the success of children and teachers very seriously.   He is very intelligent, very hands on, and an exceptional problem solver with a very big heart.


Greg started his teaching career in K-6 PE and Health and Adaptive PE specialist 1:1 at Stanfield Elementary School.   He followed that with PE-Health at Stanford Secondary School where he added administrative duties as athletic director.  He then moved to Hermiston School District as a Special Education Teacher and Special Education Department Chair and came to Silverton as our High School Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics and Special Education.


Throughout his life, Greg has been involved in athletics as a very successful athlete and coach.  He continues to coach kids at every level which, if you have been involved in youth sports lately, you know is a powerful indicator of his dedication to supporting young people to be the best that they can be with skills like work ethic, focus, confidence, determination, and team mindset.


I will of course work closely with Greg until he kicks me out and I know you guys will embrace him and teach him everything he needs to know about being your principal as you did with me.  I think you will find he is a very similar demeanor, personality, and style but brings some different skill sets that we need right now as we move forward.  I’m very excited for us and for Greg!

Welcome to Mark Twain Mr. Kaatz!